cavalier king charles
Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

We are pleased to announce that we have been lucky enough to have been fully inspected and granted a breeding licence, from our local council. Still bred in our family home, following all health and welfare guidelines.

We aim to breed healthy pups from health tested parents when relevant test are required, our ladies are seen by our local vets for worming and flea treatments as required, checked every three months.  As a condition of our licence, we use stud dogs when we are concidering mating our bitches to regulate one litter per year.

We have bred Cavalier King Charles and Bichon Frise for 10 years, and in the past few years  West Highland Terriers, Yorkshire Terriers,   Then after lengthy discussions with our vet we ventured in to cross bred mating, believed in some way healthier than a pure pedigree in some cases. The Cavachon (cavalier x Bichon frise), Cavapoo (cavalier x toy or miniature poodle) only   pedigree to pedigree mating, to ensure no rouge genes.

Grooming help and tips freely available as i am a qualified dog groomer. All our pups leave our home bathed, trimmed and with there nails cliped.

Puppys will leave with a food sample, bowls. toys and a scent blanket. All worming a flea treatments administered are written down for you to take to the vets.

Our puppys leave with a diary sheet, which includes feeding times, help and tips with transition from our home to yours, and vacination and worming programs.

Holidays are honoured within Longview Boarding Kennels.

A lifetime of aftercare goes without saying, all we ask is that you take all plus and minus point seriously before looking for a new addition to your family, it may well be a 12 to 14 year commitment.

On visiting and us both feeling the puppy you have chosen is the one for your family, you will be asked to sign a contract of sale, so we have written documentation of where the puppy will reside. We do ask that you do not visit other litters of pups before you visit us, to stop any risk of spreading infections.

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